DEEM Annual meeting and 8th ICSE

DEEM project Annual meeting and Board meeting were organised simultaneously to 8th International Conference on Science and Engineering (ICSE) at Yangon Technological University (YTU) in December 2017 and a seminar on energy and renewable energy development in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia at the University of Yangon (UY).

In ICSE, Mr. Sok Vattanak (ITC, Cambodia) and Dr. Jenni Rekola (TUT, Finland) presented their papers in a parallel session on Energy Engineering.

The seminar on energy and renewable energy development at UY in December 1th gathered a large crowd of some 100 participants, mostly UY staff and students, to hear about the current developments of the renewable energy sector and investments and policies in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and a very powerful talk by Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer from the Europe University of Flensburg on why we have no time to waste in harnessing clean energy solutions and fighting back climate change. Update on the country status in all three locations was a great comparison and supports regional academic cooperation.

DEEM Annual meeting was held on December 12th at YTU. The consortium went through past year’s activities and deliverables, updated the schedule for the upcoming year 2018, and got a reminder of means of reporting and necessary documentation for it.

Next trainings and workshops will take place in Febrauary-March 2018, led by Tampere University of Technology and Europe University of Flensburg. The Mekong partners also started planning mobilities to Germany in April and Finland in June. Regional mobilities and exchanges are also well on the way, including study visits to Myanmar and Laos this spring.